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Temecula, California

June 7, 2018



  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 160 pounds
  • Sex: Male
  • Build: Medium
  • Race: White (Hispanic)
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Remarks: The suspect wore a short goatee with mustache, red baseball cap, black sunglasses, thick black gloves, navy blue hooded sweatshirt, and blue jeans.
  • Scars and Marks: Short goatee and mustache.


On Thursday, June 7, 2018, at approximately 5:47 p.m., a bank robbery occurred at the JP Morgan Chase Bank, located at 32105 S. Temecula Pkwy., Temecula, California. The unidentified suspect walked up to the teller and handed her a paper note that read "This is a robbery. I have a gun. Give me 50s and 100s big bills only". He was also heard saying "Hurry up, hurry up! There are kids in here". The teller gave the suspect an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect put the note and the case in his pockets and walked out of the bank. It is believed the same suspect committed a bank robbery in Woodland Hills the day before.

Please contact the Temecula Police Department at 951-696-3024 or via e-mail at jafisher@riversidesheriff.org and reference their file TE-181580209.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact your local FBI Office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. You can also submit a tip at: tips.fbi.gov

Field Office: Los Angeles