Too Tall Bandit

White House, Tennessee; Gallatin, Tennessee; Franklin, Tennessee; Farragut, Tennessee; Jefferson City, Tennessee; Farragut, Tennessee; Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Farragut, Tennessee; Jefferson City, Tennessee; Knoxville, Tennessee

November 27, 2009; November 12, 2010; November 9, 2012; March 31, 2014; November 24, 2014; December 8, 2014; November 13, 2015; October 27, 2016; November 17, 2017; November 24, 2017


Citizen's National Bank, Knoxville, TN (11/24/2017)
Citizen's National Bank, Knoxville, TN (11/24/2017)
BB&T Bank, Jefferson City, TN (11/17/2017)
BB&T Bank, Jefferson City, TN (11/17/2017)

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  • Height: 6'3" to 6'6"
  • Weight: 210 to 250 pounds
  • Sex: Male
  • Build: Medium
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Race: White
  • Age: 40 to 45 years old
  • Remarks: The robber is generally described as having a deep voice and, at times, walks with a limp affecting his right leg. The robber wears dark-colored clothing, to include dark-colored gloves and work boots or shoes, and wears a Halloween-style mask or other mask to cover or obscure his face.
  • Weapon Used: Black Handgun


In all the bank robberies, the suspect walked behind, or jumped over, the teller counter, threatened bank employees with a handgun (held in his right hand), and instructed bank employees to help him place money from the vault and teller drawers into a bag the robber brought with him. The robber instructed bank employees to identify bait money and dye packs, and then ordered bank employees to get on the floor. When possible, the robber exited the rear of the bank and was not observed in a getaway vehicle. In the business robberies, the suspect walked behind the pharmacy counter and instructed employees to place prescription opioids into his bag. Except in the most recent cases, the suspect walked with an uneven gait.

Should be considered armed and dangerous

Anyone with information should contact the FBI Knoxville Safe Streets Task Force at (865) 544-0751.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact your local FBI Office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. You can also submit a tip at: tips.fbi.gov

Field Office: Knoxville, Memphis