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Phoenix, Arizona

March 9, 2017



  • Height: 5'4"
  • Sex: Female
  • Complexion: Light
  • Race: White (Hispanic)
  • Remarks: The suspect was described as having a medium build with long dark curly hair. She was seen wearing a purple hat with a white flower on the front, purple jacket, purple dress and was carrying a large black purse.
  • Vehicle Information: Tan older model Nissan Pathfinder


On March 9, 2017, at approximately 10:18 a.m., the suspect entered the Fry’s grocery store located at 2626 S. 83 Avenue in Phoenix. She proceeded to the Wells Fargo branch inside where she displayed a robbery demand note which indicated she was armed with a gun. The suspect also told the teller to not follow her because there was a second suspect in the parking lot that would shoot anyone who did. The teller gave the suspect U.S. Currency and she fled the store to the listed vehicle parked in the lot.

Should be considered armed and dangerous

If you have information regarding this robbery please contact the Phoenix FBI office at 623-466-1999.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact your local FBI Office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. You can also submit a tip at: tips.fbi.gov

Field Office: Phoenix